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Why transformative retreats?

You don't know what you don't know

There is almost no moment in our lives when we are not aware of where are geographically. Every spot on Earth has been given coordinates with which we can reliably travel to any other spot. However, we seem to be less aware that, in addition to occupying physical space, we are at all times also moving through an experiential, subjective, inner landscape.

This landscape makes up our thoughts, emotions, values, morals and other subjective spaces - and for most of us it is woefully unexplored and under-mapped. Just like the surface of the Earth, there are likely parts of subjective space where we perish, some parts where we flourish and some parts where we can only survive with the right support. Most of us have not rigorously charted these spaces and we have not produced reliable maps to help us navigate them.

Some experiences - transformative experiences - give us a vantage point from which to get a good look at what has been going on in our inner lives. They hold the promise of giving us more purchase on this subjective space more generally, where we are on it, where we might go, and what might yet be possible in our lives.


This website is dedicated to such experiences and to the communities that bring them about.

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